Baby Finger Food

Easy nutritious baby finger food ideas!!

When Can Finger Food Be Introduced?

Baby Finger Foods

Baby finger foods - Finger foods can be introduced at around the age of 8 - 9 months or when your baby has developed the ability to pick up objects using his thumb and forefinger (pincer grasp). All finger foods should be age appropriate even when your baby seems to be ahead of his milestones.

Because all babies develop at their own different rates, the exact age at which your baby should be introduced to finger foods can really only be determined by you and or with the help of your pediatrician. But generally if a baby can hold an object and lead it to his mouth, he should be good to try out finger foods.

Note: You should always be around your baby when he or she is eating finger foods as there is always a risk of choking. Babies should always sit upright when eating preferably in a high chair. Never leave your baby unattended during mealtimes.

Baby Finger Food - Vegetable ideas

Vegetables make perfect finger food for babies. Vegetables are full of nutritious goodness and are really easy to prepare. Remember though that even if babies can bite hard with their gums the vegetables will still need to be cooked really soft so that the baby can easily bite and mash them with their gums easily.You can introduce foods such as uncooked apple pieces later after the baby has tried the softer finger foods for a good enough time.

One of the best ways that you can prepare vegetables is to steam them. And the faster they are cooked the better, because they retain more nutrients that way. You can also bake or boil your vegetables in as little water as possible.

Great simple vegetable ideas

Steamed cauliflower or broccoli

Cut the broccoli or cauliflower into florets and steam until soft.

Steamed Zucchini sticks

Chop zucchini into lengthwise pieces that baby can grasp on and steam until soft.

Steamed Carrot sticks

Peel and chop carrots into baby size pieces that baby can easily hold and steam or boil until soft.

Steamed Peas

Steam the peas until soft for a fun snack for your baby. Even toddlers love to eat peas while mom or dad is cooking.


This is a yummy, mashy vegetable that does not need any cooking and its absolutely packed with wholesome goodness. Just peel and cut into small wedges that your baby can easly grasp.

Baby Finger Food - Fruity Ideas

A really easy way to get vitamins into that little tummy. Fruits make great yummy finger foods for babies because they are easy to prepare, taste nice and sweet and you can find the ones that do not even need cooking for a quick snack for your baby. These fruits of course should be the fruits that your baby has already been introduced to and have not caused any allergic reactions.

Baby Finger Food - Simple Fruit Ideas... Banana pieces

Because bananas are soft they make good baby finger food. Cut a banana into long shapes that are easy for your baby to hold. Do not however overdo the banana as bananas are binding and can cause constipation in sensitive babies. Chilled banana is also perfect for soothing the gums of a teething baby.


Perfect finger food as ripe papayas are soft and mashy by nature and packed full of goodness.


Wash, peel and remove the stone from the peach. Cut up into small pieces.


Nice and refreshing. Wash, peel and cut up into thin wedges or small pieces.


Wash, peel and cut the pear into small pieces or lengthwise.


Mangoes are high in fiber and can be helpful for treating constipation in babies. Wash and peel a ripe mango and cut it into lengwise pieces.

Other Baby Finger Food Ideas

  • Brown bread ( hard edges cut off)
  • Well cooked pasta
  • Tofu

Avoid giving babies foods that are hard and foods that can easily get stuck in the throat. Click here to read more on foods to avoid giving to babies under the age of five years.

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