Baby Led Weaning Tips

Some Baby Led Weaning Tips to Help You Get Started
Baby Led Weaning Tips

Have you decide to go the baby led weaning way and need some tips to help you get started? You have come to the right place. On this page you will find some useful 'Baby Led Weaning tips' that will help you guide your baby into baby-led weaning with minimum stress.

Baby-led weaning is simply allowing your baby to self-feed. With baby-led weaning a baby skips the puree stage (stage 1) and is instead offered none pureed foods that are cut into age appropriate pieces.

Baby Led Weaning Tips - Nutrition

Baby-led weaning is a very controversial subject, especially when it comes to the topic of whether or not a baby who weans the baby-led way will actually get sufficient amounts of nutrients. A baby will normally eat what he needs and making sure that you serve him a wide variety of food will help him get enough of the nutrients that he needs.

Remember that by the time a baby reaches the age of 6 months his iron reserves will have been depleted. It is therefore very important to incorporated foods that are rich in iron and protein into your baby's diet. Good sources of iron and protein include red meat, chicken, lentils, beans, green leafy vegetables and egg among other things.

Baby-led Weaning Tips

Here are some baby led weaning tips that we have put together for you. And one more thing - remember to introduce one new food at time waiting 3-4 days before another new food is introduced especially if you have family history of food allergies.

  • Wait until your baby is at least 6 months old - Most health organizations recommend that solids be introduced to babies at the age of 6 months. Babies who are younger than 6 months are usually not able to feed themselves due to the fact their fine motor skills are still not developed enough. A 6 months old baby will have developed enough fine motor skills to grasp objects and even lead things to his mouth.
  • Buy a good supply of Bibs, they will come in very handy. A lot the food that you put in front your baby will end up on his clothes, the floor, on his laps and the list can go on. So be thy wise and invest in a decent bib. These Bumkins Waterproof Sleeved bibs will save your life.
  • Invest in a high chair or a baby booster seat that has a tray with snap-on lids to keep your baby's feeding surface clean. That way you can safely wash the whole tray and dry after each meal. An alternative to this if you cannot get your hands on a high chair with a detachable tray is to wash the whole high chair in the shower or outside in your garden.
  • Summer picnics - Why not eat outside. No cleaning, no fuss, just pure fun for both you and your baby.
  • Hygiene - This is very important. Usually when you wean a baby the traditional way, your baby will eat from a bowl that has either been thoroughly wash by hand or better yet washed in the dish washer to get it really clean.

    With baby-led weaning it is very common (for good reason, just take a look at the picture above... scroll up and have look) for parents to put their baby's food directly on to the high chair tray. A high chair tray will not fit in the dishwasher so care must be taken that it is thoroughly washed before and after each use.

  • Cut the fruits like mango into thick sticks. This will make it easy for little hands to grasp. Fruits like bananas can be served whole, your baby may find it tricky to hold on to the banana at first but will quickly master how to grasp on properly, so expect the banana to be squeezed for fun after this. But what a great way to learn about food than to touch it and squeeze it and then eat!
  • Make a dip for soft cooked vegetables and fruits.
  • Time - Set aside enough time for meals as your baby will need quite some time to get through meals.
  • If your baby is bottle-fed then you could offer him some drinking water with his meals.
  • Invest in a Splat Mat . With baby-led weaning not requiring you to buy baby feeding bowls, baby food processors and more, why not invest some money in a Splat Mat . You can use the Splat Mat to catch all the food that will inevitably fall to floor by putting it under the high chair. A Splat Mat under the high chair will cut down your cleaning time.
  • One of the advantages with baby-led weaning is that you do not have to prepare your baby's food separately. The baby food can be prepared with the rest of the family's food. Just make sure you remove a portion of food for the baby before seasoning.
  • And finally enjoy, babies do grow up very fast so savor the baby-led weaning moments and do not forget to take a lot pictures and remember to share your baby led weaning tips and experiences with us!