Breakfast Baby Food Recipes

Homemade baby food recipes

Breakfast Baby Food Recipes From 7 months - From the age of 7 months your baby's rate of development will increase dramatically. Your baby will now need more energy, iron and fat stores as he/she starts to learn to sit, crow, stand and cruise during the coming months.

Continue offering your baby breast milk/infant formula as recommended by the WHO. Breast milk or formula still make a very important part of your baby's diet. They provide your baby with the much needed Iron and vitamins. However, try not to offer breast milk/formula feeds just before meals as this will block your baby's appetite for solids.

Breakfast as we all know is the most important meal of the day. It will provide your baby with good stores of energy required for all those fun adventures of exploring her environment. On this page you will find some easy and yet nutritious breakfast baby food recipes.

Breakfast meals can be introduced to babies at around 7 months of age and as always, consult your baby's doctor before introducing new foods to your baby.

Breakfast Baby Food Recipes, Tips and Ideas

Semolina Breakfast with Apple and Pear
  • 200ml Cooled boiled water
  • 200ml Cow's milk
  • 3 Dessert spoons Semolina
  • 1 Small Pear
  • 1 Golden delicious apple or any sweet apple of your choice

Combine the water, milk and semolina in small pan. Cook on medium-to low heat for 4 minutes; Allow to cool. Peel and core the apple and pear; Steam until soft; Combine with porridge; add breast milk formula if needed.

Weetabix (from 6 months)

  • 1 Weetabix
  • Breast milk or Formula

Crush the Weetabix in a bowl; Add breast milk or formula and combine well; Add as much or as little breast milk or formula to achieve your desired consistency. Serve with your baby's favorite fruit puree.

Dunking Toast

Simple,easy, tasty and fun.

  • 1 Slice of toasted bread
  • 1 Ripe Mango

Cut the toast into good sized rectangle shapes to make toast fingers (the rectangles should be easy for a baby's hands to grasp); Wash, peel and puree the mango to a smooth consistency. You could either spread the puree on the toast fingers or let your baby dunk the toast in a bowl of mango puree.

More Baby Food breakfast Combinations and Ideas

  • Butternut and Ricotta - Combine some steamed pureed butternut with ricotta cheese (push the ricotta cheese through a sieve to achieve a smooth consistency).
  • Rice Pudding with baby's favorite fruit puree.
  • Baby rice cereal with apricot puree (great source of iron).
  • Baby rice cereal served with fruit compote.
  • Rolled oats cooked in cow's milk served with apple puree; Add some breast milk or formula before serving.