Can Babies Eat Spices?

Tips On Herbs And Spices For Babies

Can babies eat spices

Can babies eat spices and herbs? It's perfectly fine for healthy babies to have a little herbs and spices in their food, babies in India and in many other parts of the world are raised on this stuff! Salt and sugar on the other hand should be avoided.

Bland food can be boring for babies too sometimes. Experts say that babies are exposed to spices while in the womb or through breastfeeding. I have always added herbs like oregano, basil, coriander etc not to all but to some of my girls food and they love it. Its important not to overdo it though, just a tiny pinch should be enough.

Important Note!: Please note that the information on this page is for educational and inspirational purposes and is not meant to replace advice given to you by your pediatrician. Contact your pediatrician or medical professionals before introducing herbs and spices to your baby.

Can Babies Eat Spices? - Not All Babies Will Appreciate Spices And Herbs!

Can babies eat spices - 4 day waiting rule!

Remember to introduce one kind of herb or spice at a time waiting 4 days before introducing a new one.

Some babies might prefer bland foods while other babies will prefer mildly spiced homemade baby food. Our youngest daughter who just turned two, prefers food with a little heat to it while our oldest prefers the more subtle tastes of herbs like oregano and dill. Children eventually learn to eat what the rest of the family eats so if your family eats seasoned foods then the little ones might like to join in too at some point, but do not add sugar or salt!

At What Age Can Babies Eat Spices And Herbs

Herbs and spices can be introduced to babies after the age of 8 months. However, herbs just like all the other foods should still be introduced with caution. You don't have to add spices to baby food, but if you feel your baby will like it, try it out. Use the 4 day waiting rule, especially if you have a family history of food allergies. Introduce one herb at a time.

Can Babies Eat Spices - Salt And Sugar

Salt: Adding salt to your baby's food is not a good idea at all. Babies' kidneys are too immature to deal with it, which can make salt very harmful for them. Salt can also cause dehydration in babies. Never give your baby foods that are meant for adult consumption as these foods most certainly will contain large amounts of salt that a small baby's kidneys might find hard to handle. Soy sauce, some store bought cooking stocks and cereals are just a few of the many food products that will normally contain salt.

Sugar: You don't need too add sugar to your babies food either, its not necessary as babies get their sugar from breastmilk, formula and from foods such as fruits and vegetables.

Herbs And Spices That Can Be Used In Homemade Baby Food Cooking

Here are some of the herbs and spices you can use to jazz up your homemade baby food. Remember not to overdo the spicing, babies taste food much better than adults do purely because their tongues have not being battered and burnt as much as adult tongues. Only little does it here, sweet little peapods have very sensitive tastebuds!

  • Oregano - can be used to jazz up a chicken dish.
  • Cinnamon - Can be used to make a yummy apple sause.
  • Dill - Really great with fish, such as salmon.
  • Cumin - yummy for the more exotic tasting baby food. Can be used in chicken and beef recipes.
  • Cilantro - or coriander - Perfect herb for baby chicken curry.
  • Ginger - Use a tiny grated amount for chicken, beef or even,vegetarian dishes.
  • Garlic - Great with chicken, beef and fish.