Ice Cream For Babies

Easy and Nutritious Ice Cream For Babies

It's hot outside and everyone except the smallest member of the family is munching away at some yummy looking shop bought ice cream. What about babies, can they eat ice cream?

Yes, babies can have homemade baby ice cream, made by you. Making your own homemade ice cream for baby using only the freshest fruits with no milk and no added sugar is really easy. Do not offer your baby shop bought ice creams as they usually contain a lot of stuff that your baby might react to especially if there is a family history of allergies.

Commercial Ice creams - Whole Cow's Milk

Many experts warn against giving ice cream and whole cow's milk (as a drink) to babies under the age of 1 year, for a number of reasons.

Whole Cow's Milk

The digestive system of babies under the age of one year cannot handle whole cow's milk as efficiently as adults and older children can. This is because cow's milk contains high levels of sodium and proteins, too high for small babies. Furthermore, whole cow's milks protein and fat are more difficult for babies to digest. However, you can use whole cow's milk in cooking for babies from 6 months of age.

Most ice cream producers use cow's milk as a base ingredient. Giving your baby are tiny taste of commercial ice cream will most likely not cause any harm especially if your baby is not at risk of getting food allergies. But it is always better to err on the side of caution. Allowing your baby to eat and munch on shop bought ice cream is not really a good idea.


Commercial ice creams may contain food ingredients that could cause allergic reactions in some babies. Potential allergenic foods that may be found in commercial ice creams may include peanuts or traces of peanuts, strawberries and food coloring agents. So, if you have a family history of food allergies and or if your baby has a confirmed allergy, then feeding him bought ice cream should be avoided.


Commercial ices creams are usually pasteurized to get rid of bacteria and are therefore usually not as risky where hygiene is concerned although it does happen from time to time that a batch of commercial ice cream gets contaminated ( and immediately recalled) . Do not let your baby try ice cream bought from a kiosk or road side vendor either as you have no idea what their hygiene standards are like.

Sugar and Salt

Commercial ice creams contain sugar and salt. Sugar and salt should not form part of a baby's diet as these two ingredients contain no nutritional benefits for babies at all. And even more importantly, a baby's body cannot handle salt efficiently enough because his organs are simply not developed enough.

Sugar should also be avoided for as long as possible because it will only encourage a sweet tooth, increase the risk of obesity in later childhood and will easily cause tooth decay in babies.

Ice Cream For Babies

Here are some easy homemade ice cream for baby that you can use to cool your little one on those hot summer days.

ice cream for babies

They contain only fruits with no milk and no added sugar. Use ripe fruits for more yummy results. These ice creams are also perfect for babies with sore teething gums. I hope you find them useful.

Use any fruits that your baby has tried before and has not reacted to. One of the recipes includes passion fruit; omit the passion fruit for younger babies (unless your baby already eats passion fruit).

Banana Pop Ice Cream for Baby

Frozen banana is great for soothing a teething baby's sore or tender gums .

Ingredients: Method:

Peel and cut a banana in two halves and freeze. For toddlers and older kids, push Popsicles through each piece and freeze.

Water Melon Ice Cream For Babies

Wash, peel and cut a water melon into 20 cm thick triangles. Push a Popsicle stick through each piece and freeze. Remove Popsicle stick before serving your baby. Toddlers will enjoy having theirs with the stick in.

Mango Ice cream For Babies

This is a very healthy and delicious tropical ice cream and it never lasts long in our house. It contains no added sugar and no milk. If your baby likes mango puree then she will love this. Leave out the passion fruit for younger babies as passion fruit can be pretty acidic.

  • 1 Ripe Mango
  • 1 Passion Fruit (from 1 1/2 years only as passion fruit can be quite acidic. Omit passion fruit for younger babies)

Wash, peel and cut mango into small cubes. Place the cubes on a clean tray and freeze. Once frozen, puree the mango cubes in a high-powered food processor until smooth serve baby without the passion fruit. Top with some passion fruit for older kids.