Feeding Picky Eaters

Feeding picky eaters can be fairly challenging, but simple steps can be taken to help avoid food anxiety in babies and toddlers. Picky eating is common in toddlers but babies too can turn into picky little eaters. So if you are having trouble getting your baby or toddler to eat, then read on.

It is easy to become overly worried when your baby suddenly turns into a picky eater and just won't eat. Relax, your baby will not starve himself. Picky eating is more common than you think and a lot of babies and toddlers go through this phase. However if your baby appears to be sick and not his usual self, then you might want to contact your pediatrician or GP to rule out anything serious.

A teething baby might get picky with food as teething can be uncomfortable for some babies. Teething rings or teething biscuits could help soothe sore gums. But if teething is not the reason for the fussy eating behavior then a few tricks in the way food is prepared and presented may help. Different colors, textures and new tastes may get your little one interested in food again.

Contact your pediatrician or GP if your baby won't feed from a bottle or does not seem his usual self to make sure there are no serious underlying problems.

Tips to help you feed your picky eater

  • When you present food to your fussy customer make sure you sell it. Be creative and turn food into funny looking things such as funny animal shapes or design a funny looking face with vegetables and pasta or other foods. Try cutting some foods using cool cookie cutters; this helped with my first daughter. For a while all she could eat was roasted potato wedges and milk and I remember panicking because I had already weaned her off breast milk (my precious and trusted back up plan).
  • Get your toddler involved in the food preparation, let him explore, touch and feel different foods and different food textures. Allowing babies and toddlers to touch and feel food will normally help reduce their food anxiety.
  • Letting your baby touch and feel the food or just having her with you in the kitchen (safely in a high chair) to watch you while you cook will also help get your baby's appetite going.
  • Offering finger foods such steamed vegetables , bright colored fruits, cheese, bread or some small cooked pasta shapes on a plate is also a way of getting some nutrients into your picky eater.
  • When your baby or toddler does finally eat something new or something you have worked so hard to prepare, show your appreciation, say 'thank you for trying it'.
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